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Vesper was founded in 2007. We combine our managerial, consulting and coaching experience in each project, and our condensed structure allows us to deliver a customised and expert intervention.


Agirre Romarate

“My 25-year career path as a director, consultant and coach, as well as my participation in various transformation processes, have provided me with theoretical and practical reflection on the keys to the changes currently taking place in the business world. Many management teams are aware of their need to reinvent their businesses. Their main concern is how to go through with a transition in a practical end efficient way when it comes to their management models. I am seduced by the challenge of working together with management teams to take action and integrate the intangible aspects of change, such as talent, leadership and corporate values. Five years ago I became particularly interested in the transformation of the education sector. I am aware of its importance when it comes to confronting the important global challenges we face. I am passionate about understanding how we learn as individuals, teams, organisations and societies as a whole.


Garro Gutiérrez

“I have 20 years of experience leading strategic and innovation projects in a financial institution, and in 2010 I began my career as a coach and consultant for Vesper. From my background and current profession I have learned that high performance teams are formed by people that are involved in excellent conversations and share extraordinary relationships. I firmly believe in the capacity of people and organisations to create inspiring and desired futures through creativity. In order to help companies achieve this I am in constant contact with international tendencies and I incorporate new innovation methodologies. I enjoy traveling the world through my participation in marathons. I am able to discover new places and tendencies that inspire my work and my life. Running 42 kilometres is a constant reminder that any effort acquires meaning when people and teams hold a clear vision.”


Cabezón de Diego

“I have 30 years of professional experience. For 20 of those years I worked for a multinational group and during the last 10 years I have worked as a coach and consultant. During this time I acquired expertise in the process of constructing corporate cultures and how to align them with the strategic framework of the organisations. The coherence between what we aspire to be and what we do encourages commitment and helps us to achieve better results. For this to be possible it is imperative to work on the style and discourse of managers. I am particularly keen on music and I enjoy analysing organisations as I do music sheets: vertically (a specific moment) and horizontally (the story of an organisation).”


Foz Moreno

“During my 25-year career as a HR manager for a multinational company, I participated in several mergers that gave me deep knowledge and experience of team leadership and change management in various environments. I love learning and contributing to the learning of others. For this reason, 8 years ago I qualified in executive coaching. I am passionate about observing and studying leadership styles, as well as the mechanisms that condition relationships between people within companies. I firmly believe that the quality of those personal interactions affects the success of a project. I am interested in history, and prefer the study of personal stories to that of the great empires and civilisations. I see history as a paradigm. There is no single reality, but different observers. This perspective is very useful for my work with organisations.”


We maintain collaborative partnerships in order to enrich and widen our value contribution.


Vesper attaches great value to celebration. To celebrate is to ritualise. And to ritualise is to mark a new phase, to change, to design a future: an achieved success, a concluded project, a projected change…

Our best way to celebrate is with:
A Vesper Martini

The original Vesper Martini recipe:

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Gondon’s dry gin
  • 1/2 oz Lillet

Shake ingredients, pour into a chilled glass, add a lemon twist… and enjoy!

Devised by James Bond in Casino Royal, the first novel in Ian Flemings saga, this cocktail parades through the story with no identity of its own until Bond gives it a name (watch video).

Our consulting style consists of naming challenges: specify their vague problems and generalise worries. When clients have managed to name and specify all these, they are able to undertake the necessary actions needed for an impacting transformation.

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