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The definition of a challenging vision in a company breaks the inertia of the past and unleashes processes of change. These processes require spaces for conversation and a push towards effective leadership. Faced with these challenges we design customised interventions that combine reflection and transforming action.

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We work together with management teams in the development of their leadership in order to generate impact in the organisation
  • Training in leadership skills
  • Design of leadership models
  • Team and executive coaching processes
  • Team building workshops
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We facilitate the strategic thinking of the management team, we help convert these strategies into projects and we promote participatory processes that widen and harmonise visions and willingness
  • Strategic reflection with management teams
  • Workshops for generating shared visions
  • Participatory processes for sharing strategies
  • Design of strategy communication
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We help to connect business strategies with the creative and innovative capacity of people and teams. In this way we contribute to the creation of an innovative structure
  • Design and unfolding of innovation strategies
  • Training in creative abilities
  • Support in the creation of innovation teams
  • Training in leadership for change
  • Creativity workshops
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We design strategies to identify, develop and retain talent that highlights the competitive advantage of companies
  • Development strategies
  • Design of corporate schools and universities
  • Knowledge management strategies
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Female talent visibility programmes
  • Induction programmes
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We work together with companies to collectively define and construct culture and corporate values. These values help build the organisation’s desired future and provide it with a unique identity within the market
  • Value-defining workshops with management teams
  • Unfolding processes to specify the culture of the organisation
  • Projects to improve the work environment
  • Design of in-house communication processes
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We promote the creation of value exchange networks, using methodologies to promote cooperation and the identification of common interests
  • Workshops to identify collaboration opportunities
  • Creation of cooperative networks
  • Internal and external mentoring programmes

We establish sustainable relationships with management teams that are committed to change and are looking for an intelligent combination of rigour and a practicality.

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